Residential Construction Company – Know What Services They Offer

Main Focus of Browns Construction Company

A Browns Construction Company has been building homes in Cleveland, Ohio since 1830. They have been building homes and commercial buildings in the community of East Boulevard, spanning four blocks between East Boulevard and North Avenue. This area was once part of the Cleveland iron working industry. The main focus of the company is to construct homes. In fact, most of the residential construction in this area is on a construction lease basis.

The main focus of the company is on the renovation and rehabilitation of old buildings in the neighborhood. In addition to housing, they work on the conversion of these older buildings into apartments, condos and town houses. They specialize in residential construction because their main clients are people looking to relocate to the neighborhood. Also, this is one of the few companies in the Cleveland area that specialize in doing both residential and commercial projects.

Services Offered

One of the services the company offers is the renovation of historic homes and conversions. There are several historic homes in this area that have been converted to apartments, condominiums and town houses. Many of these houses are still being used as houses. However, because the conversion has occurred and the home is still occupied, the company handles all the necessary permitting for the building to be completed.

Another service the company offers includes the construction of concrete houses. Unlike the other projects, this type of project involves the use of a heavy-duty steel frame that is then supported by concrete panels. The panel is also laid out on concrete pads to form the foundation for the house. The system uses a cementitious application to seal the steel frame and prevent moisture from penetrating the concrete. Because this type of house requires more effort to build, it is also expensive to build.

Concrete Masonry System

The Concrete Masonry System also involves the use of a specialized system for reinforced concrete/masonry. The masonry is first reinforced with rebar before it is placed into place. The concrete masonry must also be cured thoroughly before it can take its final shape. Most of the time, this entire building process can take up to three weeks.

A residential construction company can also provide services such as adding on garage spaces, porches and sun rooms to existing homes. This type of service also helps people live in their own homes for longer periods of time. The main goal of a garage addition is to increase the storage capacity of a property so that people can have eawiksier access to their vehicles. Sun rooms add light to the property and make it more attractive. These types of additions are usually completed in one or two-day projects.

The company also provides services like electrical work, plumbing, brick work, tile work, landscaping and tearing down fences. Some residential properties may need an entire overhaul of the electrical system. Sometimes, only brick walls need to be torn down. The heating and cooling system is another area where professionals can help. They have the knowledge and expertise to install high-efficiency systems that ensure low energy bills.

Other residential construction needs might include adding on swimming pools and spas to existing homes. Many homeowners want to be able to enjoy a pool when they are out of town. If there is no above ground pool in an appropriate location, a residential construction company can create a customized swimming pool that is made to fit the specifications of the homeowner. The process takes a few days, but it is worth it because it helps save money on construction costs.

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